i’m almost ashamed to admit this, but given the lack of sight-seeing activities in belgium we actually spent a whole morning/afternoon lazing in bed watching CNBC documentaries on a sunday afternoon. i love watching documentaries because the topics covered are usually interesting, but not interesting enough to be read from a book ie. rags-to-riches story of certain successful individuals, historical places, weird traditions. no thanks, i’ll just pick the 1-hour TV option over a 2-day reading session of.a.(potentially).very.dry.book.

the fact that the bed in our hotel was Humongous and Very Cosy compared to our teeny double bed in our london apartment didn’t exactly deter us from spending time indoors rather than out. a wall-mounted flat screen tv didn’t make things easier either.

pic credits: the interwebz

we don’t have a tv at the moment and i’m sorely missing the mind-numbing activity i used to undertake every evening at 7pm in australia (masterchef time!), but recently discovered i could stream shows from bbc’s website, so got really excited. today i watched a series on london’s markets, specifically the Billingsgate Fish Market.

pic credits: the interwebz

i always pass by this place in the DLR on my way into central London and have always wondered whether it was still a functioning market. nestled in between all the big banks and hedge funds in canary wharf lies the centuries-old Billingsgate Fish market. did you know that the market opens at 2am and merchants arrive to start their ‘day’ but trade isn’t allowed to commence till 5am? or that no one in the market, except licensed fish porters, are allowed to move and transport fish around in the market- a result of a by-law passed in 1878? neither did i, till i watched the documentary. call me a closet nerd but i do love my Weird and Wonderful Facts. go on, i urge you to have a watch while the vid is still available (if you can). it never hurts to know random things!


already can’t wait to watch the second show in the series on London’s Meat Markets. yeah i know what i’ll be doing this Jubilee weekend. say it with me now- Exciting Times.