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ok, so grazia and all the other magazines tell me that saint-tropez is the playground of the rich and famous and that definitely piqued my curiosity. what could be so special about it? hmm. ♪♫♪♫lifestyles of the Rich & Famous♪♫♪♫ kept playing in my head whilst we were there lol. having overnighted in le lavandou, we got up bright and early to catch one of the first buses heading into saint-tropez. after witnessing an episode the previous day where oncoming tourists were denied boarding due to the bus being at capacity, we really didn’t want to risk having to wait another hour (or more!) for the next bus.

you’d think that being in the thick of High Season meant that bus frequencies increased, but sadly this isn’t the case. we got into saint-tropez at 9.30am (Keen as Mustard, we were), and the tourist office wasn’t due to open for another half hour. this is where i started getting a little Grumpy (or a Whole Lotta Grumpy, if you ask the bf) because we then walked under the hot sun, with backpacks on our shoulders…in the wrong direction! having to turn back meant that the whole thing cost me precious energy before our day had even started. 😦

and because i didn’t do any research beforehand, thinking that the beach was where the bus had dropped us (i Blame myself!), we missed another bus that would’ve taken us to pampelonne beach (plage de pampelonne)- which is apparently THE beach to Be Seen. anyhoo, all Drama aside, we paid handsomely for a short taxi ride (9 mins 32 seconds, not that i was counting…) and ended up at boulevard patch along pampelonne beach. there are stretches where you can rent parasols and sun loungers, however seeing as we’d lugged everything but the kitchen sink with us, we decided to forgo the comfy chairs and laid out our beach mats. i could not wait to plonk my butt onto the sand and go to town with the sun and seabreeze.

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next time i shall make use of the helipad and arrive via helicopter, or cruise in on a yacht from one of the other french riviera cities. i can dream, right 😀

as we were at pampelonne beach during the day, it was pretty quiet since the clubs were still enjoying the mid-morning lull and there were even stretches where you could count no more than 20 beachgoers. taking in the peace and quiet, i laid on my beachmat and did the only thing i could do then- yacht-watched from my spot.

copyIMG_7851 copyIMG_7848 copy20130705_114705 copy20130705_114459 copy20130705_112726 copy20130705_122526

we made our way back to the village center when we felt the afternoon sun on our faces and spent the rest of the day just exploring the old town. the Best part? we chanced upon a little cove where the waters were crystal clear and azure blue, lined with stones where we could sit and wet our feet and take in the surroundings of old buildings with peeling paint and colourful shutters.

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that Totally Redeemed my morning 😀

tips for saint-tropez (i can only advise on getting to saint-tropez from toulon–hyères airport as we did not fly into nice and make our way west, which is what the majority do):

– bus #7803 provides a direct service from toulon–hyères airport to saint-tropez (so convenient!)

– stay the night in saint-tropez so that you get to experience it both in the day and night, and can compare and contrast how different or similar it is during different times of the day

– the bus that takes you to pampelonne beach will drop you at boulevard patch at pampelonne beach, otherwise i think taking a taxi is your best bet if you do not wish to walk but would like to check out the other ends of the beach

– rent a car and drive if you can! if we had to do it again, we would definitely consider this option 🙂

happy travels!

from saint-tropez we made our way to saint-raphael and cannes….coming up next!