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our next port of call (ha ha) was saint-raphaël, where we would take a connecting train from there to cannes…and onwards onto the more well-connected part of the french riviera. yippee! but more on the other french villages later.

the ferry took us past the (mostly private) beaches of saint-tropez. we chose to seat out on the front deck to get a better view and i quite liked having the sea in my hair and seabreeze on my skin as we made our way to our next destination.

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the ride lasted a little under an hour, and before we knew it we were approaching the commune of saint-raphaël by sea. since we had some time to spare before our train to cannes was due to depart, we decided to do a bit of exploring to see what saint-raphaël had to offer.

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i was Glad, can i say it again, G-L-A-D when we finally made it to the air-conditioned train, having spent most of the day under the unforgiving summer sun lugging all my belongings with me!


so, cannes…

the Glitz! the Glam! once a year stars from around the world descend on cannes’ red carpet for the prestigious, invitation-only annual international film festival. during other times of the year, people like me visit cannes 🙂 we stayed right smack in the middle of the city center, which was convenient as it is almost equidistant to le suquet in the old quarter of cannes, and promenade de la croisette- lined with high-end designer shops and hotels with grand facades, with the beach located a mere two streets away from their doorsteps.

we wandered along the winding cobblestreets and ended up at the clock tower/ church where we were rewarded with a view that overlooked the bay of cannes. a walk through promenade de la croisette later in the day took us past the palais des festivals et des congrès, where the aforementioned film festival is held.

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tips for saint-raphaël and cannes:

– a ferry connects saint-raphaël with saint-tropez, so getting between these two places is no problem. the cost is €15 per person (one-way) and the crossing takes an hour. the schedule changes between different months of the year, varying from 2 services a day (low season) to 5 a day (high season). this will give you the timetable- http://www.bateauxsaintraphael.com/

– take a stroll along promenade de la croisette, which is one of the things you could do besides exploring the old quarter of cannes. the city center itself is quite small and worth a gander if you have time.

from cannes we made our way to nice, which would be our base for the next 2 days- so check back in a couple of days for that if you’re interested 🙂

p/s: currently in the middle of a london heatwave here- with temperatures hovering around mid-high 20s during the day and some brief flirtation with low-30s next week. one thing i’m thankful for? that i don’t have to take the tube to work!

enjoy the rest of summer- i’m having my fill of strawberries since they are in season at the moment!