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gosh i miss the food in melbourne. not that i want to start off a post by whinging about the food i miss, but nothing i try here seems to be able to live up to the memory of the standard of food i left behind….:( although on the plus side i have discovered carribean cuisine, which i really like- fried plantain, saltfish, ackee, callaloo yummmm.

i thought i’d do a post on the food we’ve had in london so far, more for my own sake than anything else, given that i have the memory and attention span of a goldfish.

one thing i never thought i’d try was pig ears (i know, sounds gross) but i had them – fried and laced with bbq spice – at duck & waffle during my birthday and i really loved it because it tasted like junk food. the perfect accompaniment to wash that all down is an ice cold, slightly sour cocktail .


and something else i would never usually gravitate to? ox cheek! this was fried doughnut stuffed with ox cheek, served with apricot jam. we also had duck egg in a brioche basket [+gruyere+truffle] and the restaurant’s namesake dish – duck & waffle [confit duck leg + fried duck egg + mustard maple syrup + waffle]. it was oink, moo, quack all the way that day- just like old macdonald’s farm.


overall, the highlight of the day was still the crispy pig ears, the dedicated elevator that shot up 40 storeys in less than a minute and the view of the gherkin from the restaurant.

one of our weekend rituals in melbourne involved going to a cafe and having a leisurely breakfast of coffee, soy chai (which i dearly miss…the kind made with real tea leaves, mind you) and something that most definitely contained the almighty bacon in some form or other. since it takes us 40 minutes and a few tube changes to get into central london …..well you can almost guess that we have done away with that tradition. Lazy with a capital L. these days it’s just a home fry-up, or if i can’t be bothered we just have bagels or crusty bread with avocado, a light sprinkling of sea salt and black pepper and a squeeze of fresh lime.

the last place we visited for breakfast was the breakfast club located in soho and i highly recommend it! they serve everything from juices to pancakes drizzled in syrup to eggs and sausages and bacon to muesli to fruit and porridge. i daresay this was as good as some of the breakfasts we had back in melbourne 🙂 food is served in little retro metal (tin?) plates and the decor is as quirky and fun as camden market.


another famous london food institution is burger & lobster. they don’t have a menu because surprise, surprise….they only serve 3 things – burger, lobster and lobster roll. hah. i personally prefer the lobster because you get the satisfaction of making a mess whilst eating, and you get your hands dirty trying to wrestle the flesh out of the shell. the lobster roll pales in comparison (although quite good on its own) as it is served cold if i remember correctly.


following on from the lobster theme i took my family to mandarin kitchen in bayswater when they were in london- famed for its lobster noodles, so naturally we had lobster noodles with a delicious ginger and spring onion sauce. this was absolutely full of flavour and hit all the right spots.


a trip to oxford street is never complete without a stop at selfridges, but not for shopping (shock horror). 80% of the time i succumb to pinkberry’s frozen yogurt.

ok so here’s a little backstory as to how i developed a pinkberry addiction. i worked in los angeles for a very short while when i first started work, and my team would have coffee or pinkberry runs everyday (sometimes twice a day!). as i don’t drink coffee i naturally opted for pinkberry. so everyday i would have a serving of pinkberry natural frozen yogurt piled high with fruits, nuts and MOCHI. when i returned to melbourne i literally had froyo withdrawals because this was before the time frozen yogurt exploded all over melbourne cbd like overripe raspberries gone bad.

trust me, NOTHING tops pinkberry’s natural frozen yogurt. it is the right amount of tart without being too sweet and good enough to eat on its own without all the bells and whistles. pity that they don’t serve mochi over here in london though, otherwise life would be Perfect and Complete. ahh. i know pinkberry originates from the states, but it’s one of my absolute favourite things in the world and i could not not mention it.


hands down the best roast duck i’ve had in london? not from four seasons (which i had but really didn’t like), but from gold mine in bayswater. check it out.


and of course, there’s all that food in borough market and camden lock market….

so these were the few things that we bothered making the effort to try, and i’m well aware that there are still heaps of unexplored eateries out there in london town- five guys for burgers and fries, pitt cue co for bbq and slow-cooked meats, bone daddies for ramen, traditional english afternoon tea (although i really cannot picture my boyfriend eating dainty sandwiches and drinking tea out of a teacup with his pinky extended) and many, many more.

although a little tired of fine dining and degustation menus (in a past life i would have jumped at the chance), i am willing to make a special exception for dinner by heston. 😀

that’s it- i hope you enjoyed the london eating tour down glutton street! more to come in the future i’m sure 🙂 nom nom nom.