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today i found myself back in canary wharf for a meeting, and i thought i’d write about the place which was practically my second home for the better part of 15 months.

i love that its so quick and easy to get to from where i live- travelling on the dlr beats being a little sardine on the tube everyday. for the uninitiated, canary wharf is located on the west india docks on the isle of dogs and back in the 19th century was one of the busiest ports in the world. however, a century later the port industry began to see a decline and the docks were closed.

throughout the 1980s efforts were made to develop the area via major offices, and the rest is history. today canary wharf is one of london’s main business districts/ financial centres (the other being the city of london, better known simply as the City) and houses the crème de la crème of financial/professional institutions such as kpmg, morgan stanley, thomson reuters, barclays, citigroup, hsbc etc.

photo (5)

photo (4)

this shot of my office was taken on my first day of work last year

during lunch i love nothing more than getting away from my desk for some fresh air and an opportunity to stretch my legs. i always bypass the same stretch overlooking the thames, and one day i noticed a statue poking its head out from the river. see if you can spot it? what is it?!

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i would imagine canary wharf racks up a somewhat hefty electricity bill on a normal day, but come christmas the lights go on in Full Swing. this was last year’s christmas decorations. i wonder what this year’s will be like?


and these were taken earlier this year. snow-covered ANYTHING looks pretty enough on its own, but add to that a few colourful blooms which signify the coming of spring and you have something even prettier.

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photo (2)

i was in the second tallest building in the uk this arvo, being one canada square and had a ‘what the Fog?’ moment. this is what i saw from the 37th floor. it looked like we were in the clouds!

photo (10)

it has been a couple of foggy days here in london, and in the picture below you can even see a sliver of silver moon. i think this was taken around 2-3pm?

photo (8)

never knew this little area of zen existed till i got lost did a bit more exploring today.

photo (6)

did i forget to mention that canary wharf is also home to a shopping centre? well this was where i usually spent the other 50% of my lunch break 😀 today i could not resist the magnetic pull of a festive drink in a festive cup (gingerbreadman!) from costa and it sure was a magnificent honeycomb hot chocolate with whipped cream and caramel. my tummy says so.

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till the next adventure- bye!