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two weeks ago we hopped on the eurostar in london and ended up in paris a mere 2 hours later. i love how easy and convenient the eurostar is, so much so that i’m contemplating another day trip to paris to *ahem* procure some last minute goodies and stuff myself full of flaky, buttery croissants. oh hellow Gluttony and Greed!

even though our last trip to paris was Short and Sweet, we managed to fit in the Usual Suspects such as the eiffel tower, basilica sacre coeur, montmartre, notre dame, louvre, arc de triomphe, tuileries garden etc. along the way we gobbled down some delicious pastries from sadaharu aoki’s pâtisserie and had the best ice-cream/gelato from berthillon. therefore it was apt that our recent trip this time rounded off our parisian experience, as we made a day trip to the magnificent palace of versailles, left our lock on the pont de l’archevêché, ate delicious french food, Shopped Till I Dropped and more.


‘see ya later london!’


‘bonjour paris!’


lovely view from my hotel window. i love how charming and romantic the whole setup is.

the first day was solely dedicated to shopping, given that most shops are closed on sundays in paris, so even though we only stayed a few blocks away from the arc de triomphe we treated it more as an underpass to get to the other side where champs-élysées is. hehe.


christmas lights were still up along avenue montaigne. i mean, it’s usually All Systems Go and christmas decorations are up in september during the period which i call a Commercial Christmas…and no one bothers to take them down till end january every year. no matter, they look so pretty and festive that they can stay all year round!


and then it was off to rue saint-honoré for even more wallet-emptying and gawping at hermes’ wonderfully indulgent window displays. Love at First, Second, Third (the list goes on) Sight.


contrary to Popular Belief, i do not shop very often, and when i do i usually Shop Like a Man. i have a list, i go in, buy the things i need and get out. so we returned on the last day for the final leg of our Shopping Treasure Hunt at chanel, hermes and city pharma (shhh- that’s where they sell french brands such as caudalie, bioderma, la roche-posay etc at rock bottom prices). needless to say, i stocked up!


élysée palace – the french president’s official residence

on this trip i was adamant on eating escargots and foie gras so was plenty happy when my boyfriend found a place close to our hotel that served both. if anyone is interested, the restaurant is called le hide and is small, cosy and non-pretentious with delicious food at affordable prices. i recommend calling ahead to reserve a table, otherwise there might be a wait at the bar on busier nights.


we had every intention of waking up early the next day to avoid the crowds at versailles, but as with all Best Laid Plans….they went awry. luckily we were visiting during the off-peak winter months so even though we got there close to lunch time there were no crowds! yay to winter travelling.

versailles is arduously majestic and grand. what first started out as a tiny, hunting lodge soon emerged as a sprawling estate with manicured lawns and well-kept parks. and let’s not forget the residence where everything is fringed with luxury and decadence.


king louis xvi gifted his wife queen marie-antoinette an estate where she could escape the pomp of versailles and retreat to her simple life.


the infamous gardens of versailles.


and finally, the pièce de résistance – the palace.


after a day of running around in versailles, we decided to indulge in some crepes and popped by breizh cafe for their popular crepes. uh-oh. seeing as it was a sunday night the place was full and reservations were required. you know a creperie is good if you need to call up in advance to book. luckily their sister shop a few doors down take walk-ins and the table had a spot for 2.

the crepes are made from buckwheat flour (which means that it’s actually called a galette) and let me just say that i will never look at another crepe the same way again. it is by far the BEST crepe galette i’ve ever had…and i only ordered the basic served with seaweed butter. one thing worth noting is that breizh cafe incorporates a lot of japanese ingredients in its menu. i bought me some yuzu caramels and they sure kick a citrusy punch. excuse me while i go have one now…


when asked to think of parisian food what pops into your mind? for me it’s croissants and pain au chocolats…so when the boyfriend wanted to have falafels for lunch the next day i was like WHAT. -_-

i eat my words.

BEST falafel EVER. you have NEED NEED NEED to try it. L’As du Fallafel – you can thank me later. or even better, send one my way please!



also had the BEST raspberry and passionfruit eclair from l’éclair de génie

i am so hungry now. why do i always seem to blog about food at night!

let’s move onto more beautiful sights of paris, shall we? *tries to distract self from having too many yuzu caramels



we left a lock on the ‎pont de l’archevêché. not just ANY lock, but one that was decorated and varnished and sticky-taped well in advance lol




and i shall end this post with a stunning shot of the gorgeous, incomparable lady eiffel shining bright at night. 🙂


tips for paris:

– a single trip on the paris metro (subway) costs €1.70 whilst a book of 10 tickets costs €13.70 (there are many other options *click*)

– getting to versailles: by RER C on the Paris – Versailles Rive Gauche train (other methods listed here). the palace is open everyday except mondays *click*

– if you are visiting versailles in high season (april – october) i highly recommend getting there early to avoid the crowds

– and as usual, watch out for pickpockets, especially in crowded areas and on the metro