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wow it’s certainly been A WHILE hasn’t it? apologies for the Radio Silence over the past *ahem* couple of months. i’ve been busy trying to get this thing called Life together (still unorganised, if you were wondering) and everything naturally fell by the wayside.

i have to admit that #1 – i had no idea how to log in to write a post and #2 – i’d totally forgotten my username and password when i did manage to find the login page. right, now let’s dust off the cobwebs and pick up where we left off, shall we? *cracks knuckles*

the last few weeks in london were Mad Crazy – trying to pack all my belongings into boxes (who would’ve thought that i had accumulated more stuff during my 2 years in UK vs. my 10 years in melbourne?), cramming as much local sightseeing as i could (platform 9 3/4 i’m sorry i forgot about you!) and eating at a few local hotspots before jumping on a plane and bidding goodbye to the Big Smoke.

one of the things i wanted to check off my to-do list was hunt high and low for a few banksy scribbles.


‘very little helps’ – located on the side of a pharmacy on essex road, opposite an old art deco cinema (which i thought was quite nice too)



‘falling shopper’ – located above street level in bruton lane on the side of a large, disused office building. i remember the walk to locate this piece of graffiti was quite dodgy eek


‘if graffiti changed anything’ – located by the garage at the BT tower end of clipstone street

ending it with one of my favourites so far – what was originally a drawing of a painter hanging graffiti wallpaper has evolved over the years to what we saw below (dated february 2014). the wall is no longer as depicted in the photos below – check out this timeline for more deets. so interesting!


‘graffiti wallpaper hanging’ – located on the canal on the opposite side to the path, in camden (also one of my fav places to have a wander on the weekends)


i hope you enjoyed this little post on one of the many, many things london has to offer – there’s nothing i love more than hopping on the tube and exploring on foot. thank you for still following my posts and for sticking around. promise i will be back with a couple more posts to round off my experience living in the uk!