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gosh i miss the food in london (i can say this now that i’ve been in asia for the past couple of months). if you don’t know what i’m referring to – this post picks up where this one left off. i have this rule where i don’t bother with cafes or western restaurants when i’m in asia, because hey – hawker food please!

and because no matter what the reviews say, i find that western food tastes better overseas due to the availability of locally sourced produce and a shorter lead time between Harvest to Table. so i really do miss my brunches and salads and health foods that don’t cost a bomb!

i don’t know if it was just me (being plain Lazy, as usual, due to living in the east and a good 40 mins from central london) but i found good, decently-priced japanese food hard to come by in london. i’m aware there’s an itsu or wasabi around every corner, but these McDonalds of sushi do not count! hee.

one i really enjoyed was atari-ya and we travelled to the restaurant located at swiss cottage for brunch one sunny sunday. you know a japanese place is bound to be good when it’s frequented by japanese AND run by japanese. win!


salmon chasuke


chirashi – £16


deluxe chirashi – £22

another place which i really liked was andina in shoreditch – they serve up a mean peruvian cuisine. love that they had gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options on their menu. their ceviches are TO DIE FOR. and also the sole reason i went. i was so excited i over-ordered and ended up with too many plates of super-filling carbs. kids, never let me order when (as the saying goes) my eyes are clearly bigger than my stomach.

Cancha - Peruvian Corn

cancha – crunchy peruvian corn

Siwichi Yucas Papas a la Huancaina

yucas – fried casava with andean ocopa nut and herb dip // siwichi ceviche – seabass in amarillo chilli tiger’s milk, goldenberry, sweet potato, avocado, red onions // papas a la huancaina – new and purple potatoes topped with crispy fresco cheese and huancaina sauce


quinoa burger – red and white quinoa patty with maca, papaya, mint and kiwi yogurt, uchucuta herb sauce, thick cut chips and amarillo chilli mayo


er, don’t remember what these were…

La pâtisserie des rêves opened its doors a few weeks before i was due to leave london, so one day after work i wandered over to marylebone high street with the intention of checking out the neighbourhood as well as buying one of the limited sets of their best-selling grand cru cakes (absolutely delish, if you must know), fashioned into the shape of a heart in 2 flavours for valentine’s day.

i remember that evening as clear as day because it started pouring as soon as i exited the tube station and had to juggle a few paper carrier bags. i started walking down the wrong way even with google maps open right in front of me (as i always do!!) before realising and by then i was already sopping wet. when i stepped into LPDR i felt as glamourous as a drowned squirrel in a posh patisserie that displayed its pastries in futuristic bell-jars.

Grand Cru

have you heard of horlicks? do you like it? if you do then you will lovelovelove heston’s malted milk and marmalade ice-cream. not usually a fan of oranges and its cousins, i devoured this whole tub by myself. *not ashamed.


and my absolute favourite milk chocolates in the whole wide world have got to be charbonnel et walker sea salt caramel truffles. once you have tasted the oozy, gooey, slightly salty, slightly sweet caramel oozing from its chocolate shell you’ll know what i’m on about. you can thank me later.


another joint that i’d heard quite a far bit about was pitt cue co., so one day when we found ourselves in the vicinity of the area, we decided to grab a quick meal prior to watching phantom at the west end. we were literally the second customers in line LOL. get there early otherwise there’s always a horrendous queue, as the restaurant is cramped and a little tiny. the ribs are reputed to be Stellar, but are only available during dinner.

Pitt Cue Co

Green Chilli Slaw

green chilli slaw

House Sausage in a bun

house sausage in a bun

and finally, the pièce de résistance which i’ve saved for last – dinner by heston, which is housed in the beautiful mandarin oriental hotel located just opposite harrods.



meat fruit – look at the amazing dimpling on the orange skin. o-range you as impressed as i am?


lest you be fooled, it’s actually chicken liver parfait sitting inside the mandarin orange jelly skin. now are you impressed yet? i was astonished at how life-like the mandarin was and couldn’t stop poking it.


roast marrowbone – snails, parsley, anchovy, mace & pickled vegetables


frumenty – grilled octopus, smoked sea broth, pickled dulse & lovage


broth so flavorful that i still remember to this day how good it was. yum.

Iberico Pork Chop

iberico pork chop – spelt, ham hock & robert sauce


tipsy cake – spit roast pineapple


just look at that decadent sauce. totally makes me feel like licking my screen.

took me the better part of the arvo to draft this post – i sure am getting rusty. i’ve got a couple more pics to share of our last days in london so thanks for reading along thus far!