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feeling a teenyweeny bit more inspired to write (finally!). spotify playlist on fleek. headphones on. air-conditioning turned up. come on, ready, LETSGOOOO!

(also because i was literally stru-g-g-linggg to remember where i’d gone on my trips last year. true story. i have the pitiful 5-second memory of a small goldfish, as if it wasn’t bad enough having cheeks that looked like one. so i thought i’d better document my holidays somewhere, and was one of the reasons why i set up this blog in the first place).

for someone that loves hibernating at home i really made a conscious effort to check off some places on my list (in between travelling, cleaning the apartment and packing), so let me show you what i would call, humbly, my version of the Big Smoke. as i was out and about, sometimes even walking up to hours on end, i usually traveled light and snapped away on my trusty, broken, second-hand iphone 3gs. mm hmm. i know. but i don’t like buying new things when my old tech stuff are still working! think of all the landfill! so please excuse the grainy photos which i’ve tried editing to make them less horrible.

there was nothing more peaceful than walking through hyde park on a beautiful autumn’s day, sitting on one of the benches during the heatwave of summer or jostling with the crowds at winter wonderland (ok maybe this last one isn’t peaceful at all). i like how this place transforms with the seasons – from hues of oranges and reds in autumn, with leaves that crunch underfoot, to skimpy sunbathers lazing on the green, green grass in summertime. 




the annual winter wonderland which opens from november through to january each year


one weekend in particular was so misty that it was unbelievably eerie and out of this world. i was in canary wharf working out some tax stuff and this was my view when i looked out the 40th floor? obviously just guessing the floor, because, uhm you know, goldfish.


it was just before lunchtime and look, you could still see the moon


as i worked through my last role in london which was based in the City instead of canary wharf, i’d go for walks during lunch, making my way along little alleys lined with cobblestones, some smelling of a mixture of piss+smog+dust (as you do), going this way and that, popping into tesco or liverpool station, and generally just absorbing and taking in the heart and soul of the big old city. and was she Grand.



old spitalfields market – where many lunch hours were lost 😉



bank, which is close to my first work place in london. yes, it all comes full circle.


the gherkin and the cheesegrater




my office in the City – which overlooks an ice-skating rink in winter. pretty!

one day i was walking around at lunchtime (as usual) and heard a loud bang! followed by loads of noise. i turned to look and saw a scene from a popular tv show being filmed. i later caught a glimpse of this scene, which was aired as a teaser to the particular episode on tv, but sadly never saw it again after that first time. it involved a famous actor, but maybe not famous enough since i can’t recall his name lol.



liverpool st station


london tube strike!


stratford westfield – where many of my weekends were lost. haha.


primark in oxford st. my favourite store on a saturday morning. not so favourite all other times of the week.

i’ve got my pictures selected for part two so stay tuned!